2017 William Byron #9 Liberty - NASCAR Rookie of the Year - Autographed

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Action Gold Series Galaxy HO Diecast 1/24 (1 of 745)
2017 William Byron #9 Liberty University / NASCAR Rookie of the Year / Chevrolet Camaro NASCAR diecast, produced with a Galaxy special finish by Action. This diecast car features the 2017 NASCAR Sunoco Rookie of the Year logo on the roof. William Byron, the 2017 NASCAR xfinity Rookie of the Year! --
Autographed - This diecast car was autographed by William Byron, on the windshield in Silver. Includes an Action Racing Collectables certificate of authenticity.

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Action Gold Series cars feature diecast bodies with plastic chassis. The hoods open HO, but the trunk does not. This car is packaged the same as the Platinum Series and includes a silver sticker with "1 of XXXX" indicating production run and DIN (Diecast Identification Number) for registration.

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Manufacturer: Lionel NASCAR Collectables
Brand: Action Racing Collectables Gold Series Diecast
Scale: 1:24 Diecast
Item#: NX91723LYWBROTY