2017 Richard Petty 80th Birthday Blue ICON ELITE Diecast

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Action Elite ICON Elite Series Diecast 1/24 (1 of 480)
2017 Richard Petty 80th Birthday Blue ICON ELITE / Ford Fusion NASCAR diecast, by Action. ICON ELITE Diecast - A Legendary new finish reserved for the sports legendary moments. Inspired by the Championship trophy each ICON diecast car is fully plated in a gleaming Chrome finish - the body, chassis, engine, interior and wheels. This diecast car will also be produced with a detailed Action Elite chassis.

Action ICON ELITE Series cars are built on the premium ELITE tool, each ICON car is crafted of more than 260 individual parts and pieces. More than 500 people have a part in the creation of each ICON car, and it takes nearly 1,000 steps to put these cars in the hands of collectors. Each one is fully plated in chrome - the body, the chassis, the engine, the interior and the wheels. Then each is polished to perfection creating a trophy piece that any collector would be proud to own and display. What makes this ICON diecast especially unique, is that for the first time ever the car body will be plated in a premium "Petty Blue" chrome finish! Other incredibly realistic touches collectors will notice include tethered roof flaps, roof antennae, tethered trunk with hinges, drop-down window net, and a working suspension with a serialized plate.

Where customer service matters! Est. 2000

Manufacturer: Lionel NASCAR Collectables
Brand: Action Racing Collectables ICON ELITE Series Diecast
Scale: 1:24 Diecast
Item#: C80172280RPICON