1956 Dale Earnhardt #8 Ford Victoria 1/64 Diecast

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2012 Action Gold Series HO Diecast 1/64
1956 Dale Earnhardt #8 Ford Victoria NASCAR diecast, by Action. Back in 1971, Dale Earnhardt was just getting started. With the prodding of Earnhardt's father Ralph, a North Carolina car owner named James Miller saw the potential in young Earnhardt and turned his 1956 Ford Victoria over to the unproven driver. It was only the second car Earnhardt ever raced. * Note this 1:64 is an HO (Hood Open) diecast.

"He was a wild kid back then," said Miller. "He didn't win in my car, but he never did get it tore up where we couldn't fix it."

Now Lionel NASCAR Collectables is proud to introduce - for the very first time - the diecast of the #8 1956 Ford Victoria which Dale Earnhardt drove on the dirt tracks of the Carolinas in the GASCAR racing series. It's a diecast that tells the story, that begins the legend, and it has never been available to collectors until now.

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Manufacturer: Lionel NASCAR Collectables
Brand: Action Racing Collectables Gold Series HO Diecast
Scale: 1:24 Diecast
Item#: CX82861NMDE