Octane Garage Diecast

Octane Garage

Action Racing Collectables Platinum Series 1/24 Diecast
and Action Gold Series 1/64 Diecast, by Lionel Racing Collectables.
Octane Garage Diecast
Designed by the artists of Lionel, the cars in the Octane Garage aren't the cars you see on track. Instead, they are the cars you could see in the garages of motorsports' biggest stars - if those stars had rides customized just for them. Each of these fantasy diecast cars is inspired by a combination of racing's most memorable names and sheer American muscle.

1965 Tony Stewart #14 Smoke Chevrolet Chevelle Diecast

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2012 Action Platinum Series Diecast 1/24 (1 of 1,214)
1965 Tony Stewart #14 Smoke / Chevrolet Chevelle diecast, by Action. This 1965 "Smoke" Chevrolet Chevelle fantasy car was designed for NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. This car is the 1st release in the new Octane Garage line of diecast by Lionel Racing.